My name is Carolin Glimm, born in 1977 and I live together with my husband Benjamin in Berlin Spandau, where we are members of a prophetic fellowship.
In the year 2004 I received my first impulse from the Lord to create banners and bible covers as well as a particular word for the logo.

We live in exciting times.
God doesn’t only re-establish us as His people, but He also re-establishes His wonderful name, His glory, splendour, omnipotence, beauty and royalty.

I am one of many carriers of the glory, who rolls out the red carpet, so that the King of kings can enter in this earth.
It is my vision, that His glory becomes visible through my work.

The Hebrew word ami means "my people".
The meaning of the Hebrew value of the number
5 is "Mercy/Grace".
ami.5 therefore means "Mercy/Grace for my people".